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Western Blasting & Coatings is Southern California's premier choice for abrasive blasting. We provide affordable blasting services to business owners and residents of Southern California who need objects of all sizes resurfaced. We have nearly 50 years of experience using sand, aluminum oxide, glass bead and walnut shell blasting media, and are specialists in cleaning, resurfacing and preparing wood, metal, glass and tile. Using our expert blasting services, we will help you achieve the results you desire quickly and affordably.

We do all our own blasting work at our high-powered, large capacity facility, which consists of six blast rooms, two paint rooms and lots of additional square footage to process a multitude of objects in queue. Our top-of-the-line facility and efficient operations allow us to complete most jobs within three days. Further, we are fully permitted with our city and the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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Residential Sandblasting, Southern California

Western Blasting & Coatings is the premier choice for residential sandblasting services. We offer Southern California residents a wide range of blasting services at highly affordable prices to make your resurfacing, refinishing or restoration project a breeze. If you need any household items resurfaced, refinished or restored, bring them to Western Blasting & Coatings. We can safely remove coatings of paint or varnish, rust, grease, grime and dirt, leaving only a uniform, clean surface. We serve all of Southern California and can blast vintage and outdoor furniture, fixtures, bathtubs, garage doors, cars, boats, antiques, and anything else made of wood, metal, tile or glass that you can bring to our facility. We also offer selective blasting which means we will avoid sandblasting portions of items when they are covered with masking tape.

Commercial Sandblasting, Southern California

For almost half a century, commercial clients from Southern California have come to us to prepare their items for metalizing, powder coating, painting, refinishing and restoration. Our professional sandblasting services are ideal for commercial projects of all sizes, from machinery parts to business signs to commercial trucks, cars and trailers. We can blast away years of rust, paint, grime, mill scale, corrosion, and more from large single objects to entire production lines. Our sand, glass bead, walnut shell and aluminum oxide blasting techniques can also be used for deburring and resurfacing.

Vehicle and Trailer Sandblasting, Southern California

Western Blasting & Coatings' technicians are highly skilled at using abrasive blasting on vehicles and trailers, as well as automotive structural steel, pipes, glass and parts. Blasting is an inexpensive, safe and effective alternative to stripping in order to prepare surfaces for paint, primer and other coatings. Additionally, we offer quick turnaround times, often within three days. Call today to obtain a free quote on our high-powered media blasting services for your Southern California automobile or trailer.

Boat Sandblasting, Southern California

When it comes to cleaning or resurfacing boats, stands and trailers, Western Blasting & Coatings is Southern California's best choice. Using a variety of blasting grit we are able to clean and resurface all types of boats and boating equipment – from boats with fiberglass hulls, to wood and aluminum row boats, to anchors. We have 50 years of experience working with sand, aluminum oxide, glass bead and walnut shell blasting grit, and can be trusted to never damage, warp or weaken your boat's underlying surface. In fact, we are so precise with our blasting application, that we can remove a single layer of coating at a time.

Western Blasting & Coatings Offers Southern California the Best Value in Sand Blasting

Western Blasting & Coatings has provided expert multimedia blasting services to Southern California since 1965. We have built our reputation over the past five decades on trust, excellent customer service and constant professionalism. With our stellar techniques and low rates, we can proudly say that we are Southern California's best value for all your sandblasting needs. Call today; quotes are free.